Babalola Falemi who’s better known by the moniker
Sauce Kid aka Sinzu has been arrested and thrown
into prison in America.

The revelation was made known by Willybang – a
starboy artiste on social media.

“Yesterday, the singer took to social media to share
a heartfelt photo of the rapper with the caption
‘#FreeSinzu Miss my G’, prompting massive
conversation, especially among folks who have
worried about Saucekid’s sudden disappearance
from social media”.
It is learnt that Sinzu had been on incarcerated July
2016 on grand theft auto charges in Idaho jail.

“With the recent arrest, a quick check revealed
the mugshot, noting that he has been locked up
since July 2016. His last tweet was made on July 14,
2016, few days before his prison record appeared”.
Sinzu had previously been arrested back in 2014
ATM fraud and in 2013 for forgery and unlawful
possession of firearm.

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