A 100 level student of Employee Relations and
Human Resource Management of the University of
Lagos, decided to take her life after being
disgraced by her room mates.

The girl who has been identified as Ayibiri Ayomide,
allegedly took sniper (insecticide) after her room
mates disgraced her publicly after some missing
items in their room, was found in her bag.
It was gathered that her mum, who is also a staff of
Unilag had already settled the
debts from the theft before the girl’s demise.

Here’s what Ajani Damilola who shared the story
“With a disheartening heart, we write to inform you of
the Demise of Ariyibi Ayomide, a Student of Unilag,
From the faculty of business administration in
department of Employee Relations and Human
Resources Management (ER & HRM), 100 Level.

Full story:
An incident happened in her room (Amina Hostel)
which involved the missing of belongings (which
includes make up and clothes) of another girl in d
same room. On Thursday, some of the belongings
of d fellow room mate was found in Ayomide’s bag
( scattered in three different bags – make up in one
of of her bag, clothes in another bag and clothes in
another bag making 3 of Ayomide’s bag).

As a result the roommates disgraced Ayo and
called her many names( relating to a thief) and
disgraced her publicly. Ayomide called her mum
and her mum came down next day( Friday) to settle
d issue. The make up was valued at #2000 in which
Her mum paid. After that, her mum told her to
pack her bags and follow her home which she did
but as she was going d room mates shouted on her
and called her so many names.

Her mum took her home and went back to work
(her mum is a unilag staff). Ayomide was d only
one left at home when she took sniper in the
afternoon. Her mum came back in d evening and
saw her child in a critical state. So she asked what
happened to her; Ayomide just stretched her hand
to do bottle of d sniper she took.

Immediately her mum gave her palm oil( epo in
yoruba) but results were not forthcoming. So she
rushed her to a medical centre at ebute metta, still
results were not favourable, she was then taken to
Luth ( Medilag). Ayo gave up in LUTH around after 7
That’s d sad story

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