Curiously, cucumber has develop into the brand new sex toy? Queen Chidinma Okeke Mis anambra 2015, representing Anambra State from Orumba North, who was topped the winner of the Miss Anambra 2015 competition is reported to have her intercourse tape leaked on the web Queen Chidinma Okeke….

The video reveals her on a lesbian act with certainly one of her shut pals who occurs to be her private assistant by identify ‘Ada’ and likewise the third runner up on the queen of democracy 2014.

Queen Chidinma Okeke Although she is yet to dispute the act however the video says all of it. It’s claimed that she did this due to cash…I assume she by no means new it is going to come working again to hunt her Queen Chidinma Okeke.

Must see!, See The Person Behind Miss Anambra Sex Scandal




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Part 3 Almost out! and its 1hour long
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  1. it is so unfortunate that she is denying this. People are screaming because this one leaked.
    what about other videos that is out there that we can never see? Parents have failed in there part to bring up their children. Pastors nowadays dont care about where the money is coming from? Just do the offering and pay your tithe that is what they care about. People are screaming. Does the culprit really care? It is the other of the day now. Strip clubs here and there in Nigeria just because they want to make money. Owners of these clubs children are not there. So the world is sick and is coming to an end. Lecturers sleeping with their grand children because they have to build sky scrappers. It is crazy out there. I am annoyed.

  2. Am not shocked about it buh before you judge her look into the mirror and double check your appearances if your proud and can say you have no dirt in your closet then go ahead and fire…..peace be on to you.

    1. U can just finalize the incident and put blame on the parent .chidinma sibling may be different .You should not bi quick to judge .Many ladies do this ,they are not just caught .

    2. U cant just finalize the incident and put blame on the parent .chidinma sibling may be different .You should not bi quick to judge .Many ladies do this ,they are not just caught .

  3. If that is truly her, I must say she was so much starved of sex and being the queen, she does not want her image to be spoiled by having a boyfriend so she resorted to lesbianism so that nobody can suspect she is a sex freak. Ok nah. May God have mercy on her and us all.

  4. Oh God have mercy on us, for all have sinned and come short of glory of God Amen. I cannot condemn nor console her, but just a piece of advice for her, to live her life to the glory of God. says:

    Obaino jay

  5. well to me This people that leaked this video just used people to make money they are scam for all i care cos when you download the video money enter into their account immediately the person i saw on my friend ‘s phone is not Chidimma

  6. that is definitely her licking p*ssy. The girl she is licking is her personal assistant, who she has travelled with. Clearly, they assist each other with a few things.

  7. too bad, never the less who m I to judge…its a lesson for her 2 learn cos it’s gona hunt her even to her for a long period of time

  8. too bad, never the less who m I to judge…its a lesson for her 2 learn cos it’s gona hunt her in the future for a long period of time

  9. In as much as what she did is bad the said sponsor did no better either. Two wrong cannot make a right. My kinded advice to the victim of chidinma okeke’s betrayer to desist from further leasing of said video forthwith for interest of peace . Though it is a plea ,seeing that great damage had already been done on her .put yourself or any sister of yours in her shoe.
    This might not be one of terrible sins in the world today as notwithstanding what has happened, she might still make HEAVEN. She might have sinned, she might have come short of glory of God but stop Further killing as He that is without a sin should cast a stone

  10. Chidinma should forgive herself, the world should forgive her, her sponsor Whom she was allegeablly betrayed should as a matter of sympathy please forgive her. Two wrongs does not make a right. Operators of social should do the needful by deleting it

  11. how cash trapped was she to have done this, how old is she? small girls with wants, needs, desires etc. want designers shoes. bags. Brazilian hairs etc. blame her. stop blaming those that posted the video. God detests this act, and that’s why its exposed. u can’t mock God

  12. big trash..d girl is a big time fool..i must tel u all..if chidinma wasnt on stardom when she made dat wuld neva get online or published,no 1 cares abt a street common freak…,even if it leaks 1 wil b ready 2 publish it..but chidinma just stepped on fame, she should av been wise nd sensible..she climbing 2 fame..there are lot of haters watchin nd lookin 4 slightest mistake..stories of stars ar easily opened..but issues of a common 1 has time 4 dat..Take note al of ya ..

  13. She is a total disgrace to womanhood. Do you guys think that is her first time of practicing lez???? She did it as a pro….she sold her body for fame.

  14. let he that think he standeth,take heed lest he falls.In summary, don’t judge anyone cos you don’t know where you’ll find yourself tomorrow. No one is born perfect

  15. her parent and friends should keep eyes on her so that she will not commit sucide cos the leaked video will get her thinking about killing her self. The love of money is the root of her sex video

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