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Son of A Father is an authentic and powerful musical dialogue between Dante and the heart of God. The project opens up with the song, “How did you find me?”, a transparent and fluid question, musically directed to God from Dante, acknowledging God as the one who found us, despite our shortcomings.

All songs are written by, Dante Bowe, “Potter and Friend” which has quickly caught the attention of worshipers, churches and media across the country.
“Potter and Friend” is a transparent musical picture and explanation of how God’s handiwork of grace works in our broken lives and makes us new again.

Artist: Dante Bowe
Album: Son of a Father

1 How Did You Find Me?
2 Let My Heart Dance
3 You’re Beautiful (feat. Joe L Barnes)
4 Love Made Me
5 In the Morning
6 Potter and Friend (Radio Version) [feat. Jesse Cline]
7 Live in You
8 Take Me to the River
9 Cast My Cares
10 Free Falling
11 Home
12 It’s a Fire (Come)
13 Darlin’ (Bonus Track)

Dante Bowe – Son of a Father Zip Download

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